The Berlin Drawing Room was founded in 2011 when Mira O'Brien decided to offer the first Drawing Workshop. Since then, the offerings have expanded to include a variety of workshops with a focus on drawing and painting. We continue to branch out by collaborating with other organizations, such as the Prinzessinnengarten, and bringing additional artists into our team. 

 We believe that the experience of hands-on creation should be accessible to anyone and that drawing is not a skill reserved for art making but is an essential part of communication and perceiving the world. 

Most of the workshops are geared towards beginners, and start with the basics. While traditional techniques are covered, the approach is contemporary.  For example, the work of contemporary artist Rachel Whiteread is shown along side 16th century Spanish painter Juan Sánchez Cotán in order to convey the concept of negative space in a class from the Drawing Workshop. While drawing with body movement can be a liberating and expressive way to create, in this lesson we also explore ruled-based art making as practiced by conceptual artists . 

Workshops take place primarily in Mira's Kreuzberg Atelier, which she also uses for her own artistic practice. With its large windows, high ceiling, and view onto a garden, the Berlin Drawing Room is a great place to get some inspiration and pick up a pencil.

The main language of the Berlin Drawing Room is English, however communication in German is also possible.