We invite Guest Artists to teach a technique specific to their own practice for this series of intensive workshops. Learn directly from the artists that are defining current trends and bringing fresh relevance to both traditional and experimental techniques!


Colors from Nature

with Kristin Hensel

Where does the myriad of colors that create our daily palette come from? Plants have been used as natural dyes and pigments. Even plants that can be found in our everyday environment, such as red onion and the common weed Goldenrod, have the hidden potential to create color.

Learn to create and use paints made from plants with Kristin Hensel, who has been researching and teaching the history of natural dyes and pigments for many years in Berlin. Using a technique similar to watercolors, we will paint with these beautiful natural colors that Kristin has rediscovered following historical recipes and experimentation.

Kristin aims “to sensitize people to colors in order to appreciate their origin from nature and thus protect our environment.”

Saturday, July 7, 12-4pm:  SOLD OUT

50 Euro (materials included*)

*Participants are encouraged to bring their own watercolor brushes and paper if they already have them.

Kristin Hensel received her Diplom in design at the College of Art & Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle/ Saale. She is a lecturer in Fashion & Textile Design and a certified City Nature Guide in Berlin. She is a co-initiator of the Färberpflanzenbeetes (Dyeing Plants Garden)  in the community garden Allmende-Kontor in Berlin.

Past Guest Artist Workshops

Sketching with Giulia

with Giulia Caruso

Learn various wet and dry sketching techniques with master artist Giulia Caruso. Each week Giulia will demonstrate a new technique and guide the class step by step. Gradually you will learn to layer the different materials and processes, combining charcoal, watercolor, ink and more in order to develop your own personal style. The class will draw from different subject matter, ranging from still lives or models in the studio to architecture in the neighborhood or sculptures in a museum. This wide ranging course will be tuned to fit the interests of the students, as Giulia draws upon her vast knowledge and experience. 
Module #2: February 14 - March 7, 2018
Wednesdays 10-12:00 am (x4)
Module #1: January 17 - February 7, 2018
Wednesdays 10-12:00 am (x4)
Cost: 85 Euro per module, 160 Euro for two modules.
Materials: Some materials that can be shared will be provided and other materials for individual use such as paper or brushes will be available to purchase for a low price. Most items not exceeding 2-3 Euro. 

Portrait Drawing Intensive 

with Dave Hedderman

Immerse yourself in an intensive exploration of portraiture, one of the most challenging and rewarding drawing subjects. Dave will guide the class through a series of exercises and techniques, using both theoretical discussion and live demonstrations, in order to facilitate an in-depth understanding of portrait drawing. 

- Solid foundation in the process of drawing a portrait from start to finish
- Introduction to drawing mediums: graphite, charcoal, white chalk on toned paper
- Improve observational skills through exercises
- Work from the model in order to create a likeness and understand facial proportions
- Develop your own drawing language by exploring the elements of line and
mark marking, light and dark.

Cyanotype: Drawing in Four Dimensions

with Hiroshi McDonald Mori

Dive into the process of Cyanotype in this intensive weekend workshop! Cyanotype is a photographic technique that exposes images in sunlight. Creating an image requires no negatives but rather invites a direct approach that combines elements of drawing, painting and sculpture with the final element of time. Mix the alchemical concoction discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842 to create your own solutions, prepare, expose, and develop photosensitive paper. By learning the chemical process involved, you will also unlock infinite possibilities for deconstructing the medium to create unique effects. 

During this 2 day workshop, you can expect to learn:
- Chemistry involved in Cyanotype technique
- Results of using different types of paper and other surfaces for printing
- How to make test prints to set exposure time in varying weather conditions
- Tips for creating a sharper image, or a blurred "in-motion" image
- Experimental techniques for drawing and painting with Cyanotype
- Using tea to create varied tones
- Introduction to the history of Cyanotype and examples of artists, both historical and contemporary

It was really great. Everyone enjoyed as it was something absolutely new, innovative for sure so that I am proud of my idea and the fact that you made it happen. I have really appreciated your dedication Mira. For me really it is hard to find area of improvements as both lenght and structure of the workshop were perfect.
— Andrea (Bombardier Corporate Workshop, 2013)
LOVED this workshop! Such an amazing group of people to be around. Hiro was so generous letting us play in his studio and shared so much knowledge. Beautiful Elena assisted everyone with a never ending smile and Mira had everything super organised. I was in heaven. Thank you so much.
— Nikki D. (Cyanotype Workshop, 2016)
Thank you for the life drawing class, it was a great hen activity and we all really enjoyed learning something new and getting to take the drawings home. We would definitely recommend the class for others who are looking for something different to do whilst in Berlin as everything was provided we just had to turn up. Antonis the model was good fun too, chatting and wishing our bride to be his congratulations - she even got to sit for a pose herself! As we left we all commented on how relaxed we felt after drawing too. Definitely something to be done again.
— Francesca T (Private Life Drawing Workshop, 2016)