Linocut Workshop

with Patrick J. Reed

This workshop offers an introduction to the linocut printmaking technique. During the first evening class on Thursday, there will be an overview of the Linocut Technique and we will look at historical and contemporary examples. Patrick will give instructions on how to create a design that will be carved into the block so that there is some time to gather ideas before the next class. On Saturday, we will be ready to start carving. Over the course of an intensive weekend, we will design and carve a linoleum block, create a small edition, learn printmaking tricks-of-the-trade, and become familiar with the history of this versatile and efficient technique. Each class will include step-by-step instructions for how to develop projects, as well as individual consultation with participants as they craft their own designs.   

Known for its strong graphic presence and its ability to translate fine detail, linocut is beloved for being an accessible printmaking technique that does not require a lot of special equipment. First used extensively by the German Expressionist group Die Brücke in the early 20th century, linocut quickly became a popular and widespread practice among artist and designers. Further championed by the likes of Picasso and Matisse, this method of image making is now considered a staple among the arts of printmaking.

Perfect for beginners and print enthusiasts already familiar with linocut and woodcut.

March 1 - March 4, 2018
March 1 (Thursday) from 6-9 pm
March 3 (Saturday) from 11-5 pm, includes lunch break
March 4 (Sunday) from 11-4 pm, includes lunch break

Location: Berlin Drawing Room

Cost: 140 Euros (includes one lino block, all paper, ink and printmaking supplies)

It is a very interesting experience were you push yourself to create an art piece, even from everyday objects, reaching surprising results. Mira O’Brien is a very talented artist and instructor with a lot experience that will help you to think about other artistic points of view.
I’m already looking forward for the next workshop at Berlin Drawing Room.
— Miguel C. (Mixed Media Workshop, 2015)
I truly enjoyed every part of the workshop! The combination of simple assignments with presentations on historical backgrounds and contemporary art, and discussions through all classes, almost automatically lead to creating and understanding the process of developing more complex projects, and eventually our final project.
— Wiesje B. (Mixed Media Workshop, 2016)
My second workshop after painting, and I enjoyed both of them so much. Wonderful group of people, and I really like the balance in the class of instruction, looking at other paintings for inspiration, and working on our own projects. The assignments themselves are also thought provoking and meaningful, and it is always fascinating to see how different each work is, though we start with the same framework of the assignment. I’m really looking forward to continuing in the fall!
— Mayumi K. (Mixed Media, 2014)