About Us

 We believe that the experience of hands-on creation should be accessible to anyone and that drawing is not a skill reserved for art making but is an essential part of communication and perceiving the world.

The Berlin Drawing Room was founded in 2011 when American artist Mira O’Brien decided to offer the first Drawing Workshop in her studio. Since then, the offerings have expanded to include a variety of workshops with a focus on drawing, painting and printmaking. We continue to branch out by collaborating with other organizations, such as the Prinzessinnengarten and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, and bringing additional artists into our team.

What makes our workshops unique?

Artist-Instructors: The artists that teach for us are what make our workshops really special. We work with professional artists that bring insights from their own studio practices directly into the classes they teach. Highly specialized knowledge, like how the 26 bones in a human foot create balance in movement or that a fig is an inverted flower containing a wasp corpse, derived from artistic research gives our workshops a rich texture.

Online Workshops: We offer interactive, livestreaming online workshops with an emphasis on personal feedback and a lively group dynamic. Perfect for anyone wanting to join from the comfort of their own home or studio, yet still wanting a personal connection.

Studio Workshops: We offer in-person workshops in our studio in Shoneberg, Berlin, Germany. We also have pop-up workshops in different locations, both in Berlin and abroad.

Free Online Classes: Stay tuned to find out when our next free livestreaming workshop will take place. This is a great way to meet some of our artist-instructors and experience our teaching methods first hand. We announce free classes via our newsletter. Miss the live class? We have a growing archive of video recordings from our free classes so you can join spontaneously anytime you get the urge to draw. 

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Discount Programs:

We offer a few different discount programs to make our workshops more accessible. 
Continuing Student Discount: Join a workshop series at the start of any module. When you continue on with the next consecutive module, join at a reduced price. Receive a 10% discount if you are a continuing student, within one series. We want to encourage deep exploration within our series themes and we want you to have the experience of watching your skills accumulate and layer in meaningful ways. 

Community Discount: We offer a limited number of spots in each online workshop at a reduced price, for those that would otherwise not be able to afford to join. If you live in a developing nation, are a full time student or artist, you are particularly welcome to apply. The “Community Discount” is 35% off. Please get in touch if this is applicable to you and we will let you know if there is availability. Contact us!

Friendship Discount: If you join an online workshop with a friend who is a new Berlin Drawing Room student, you can both get a 20% discount. Just use the code DOUBLE20 at checkout. Both workshops must be purchased in the same transaction.

Our Community:

You can get involved with Berlin Drawing Room in several different ways. 
Internship: Would you like to learn how the Berlin Drawing Room works? Apply for a 3 month internship by sending a letter of interest and your CV to contact@berlindrawingroom.com. Internships can take place in Berlin or remotely. Currently enrolled students are welcome to apply. 
Write for our blog: Do you enjoy creative writing and have an interest in art? Why not write for our blog? We feature interviews with artists, reflections on workshop topics, exhibition reviews and more…

Become a regular… The heart of our community is our students! In particular, our regular students that participate in our year round Workshop Series. To watch our students grow and develop within their own creative journeys is the most amazing part of Berlin Drawing Room. Since we started the online Workshop Series, a weekly appointment that goes in depth into a certain theme, we’ve been able to support our students in a long term practice. 


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