Alchemilla vulgaris
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Botanical Watercolor: Painting Leaves (video)

Learn how to paint a leaves in botanical watercolor style. How does one paint a leaf that has both light and dark veins? Paint along in real time with artist instructor Mira O’Brien as she works from the reference photo below. Learn how to easily add details such a serrated edged to your leaf drawing, how to preserve the light of the paper so that lighter veins stand out, and how to add textural details.

This botanical watercolor class was part of our monthly FREE livestreaming series. We offer a free live class on a different drawing or painting topic every month. All are welcome to join! We send out the details for the classes and the livestreaming join link via our newsletter, every month. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to participate next time live.

If you would like to go deep into the topic of botanical watercolor painting, you are welcome to join Mira’s livestreaming Botanical Watercolor Workshop Series. Other topics included in the series are the history of botanical painting and the botanical wonders of common weeds. A series of Botanical Watercolor Workshops that take place online and follow the changing of the seasons. Join at any point in the year for one or all four modules. Learn botanical watercolor techniques from your home. While instruction will take place through an interactive livestreaming format (Zoom), care will be taken to emphasize the individual sensual experience of drawing from living specimens and working with watercolors.

Alchemilla vulgaris
Reference photo for painting demo: Alchemilla vulgaris, or lady’s mantel

This is the reference photos that was used for the painting demo during the Free Intro Botanical Watercolor Class, livestreamed in April 6, 2021. The name of the plant, Alchemilla vulgaris, come from the word alchemy. Find out why by watching the class!

You can paint along with the complete class here. Join us for this lesson in painting leaves with light and dark veins.

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