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A New Studio Concept with Alma Sinai

A New Studio Concept with Alma Sinai: Art practice, Berlin studio and upcoming workshops

Dear Berlin Drawing Room Community,

My name is Alma Sinai, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a recent member of the Berlin Drawing Room team. I’m an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Iran and have lived most of the past decade in New York. Since 2021 I have been based in Berlin and I have to say that the instant I discovered the Berlin Drawing Room, I knew I wanted to be among their team of instructors. Their approach resonated profoundly with my vision and skills, aligning on multiple levels. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow within this new community I’ve become a member of.

Throughout my career, I’ve primarily focused on teaching and working in drawing, printmaking, and stop-motion video. I’m enthusiastic about continuing to share my exploration in these fields, as they offer ample opportunities for building a unique creative approach. I strongly believe, whether used individually or in combination with each other, these methods offer limitless potential for experimentation, catering to both beginners and those with prior experience. The more profound and extensive your skill sets, the more impactful your choices become in visual communication. 

I will be teaching the Drawing from Observation Workshop with Berlin Drawing Room, as I believe drawing has always been the basis of whatever artform I have worked with. It has helped me form and visually translate my ideas, whether I have used it independently or as an initial sketch for utilizing a different medium. It has also assisted me to observe my surrounding in a more precise manner. I find drawing to be extremely meditative, a great tool to organize thoughts and to broaden the means of approach one has towards their environment and surrounding, I even see videos as drawing with a time dimension and performance art as a way of drawing with body in space. I strongly advocate that acquiring the fundamental skills of drawing paves the way for diverse artistic ventures. It enables individuals to further their comprehension of drawing as a 2D practice or incorporate it into other art forms.

As for the Printmaking Workshops: Monoprint and Linocut, I must say that in my exploration with these techniques, I have always been fascinated by the myriad levels of control available through handling different textures, surfaces and layers when experimenting with notions of repetition, negative and positive space. I consider these methods to be great tools to enhance the skills of developing various and unique compositions while providing the possibility of creating multiple editions of the same image. 

While witnessing the improvement of personal visual languages crafted by my students is always rewarding, I equally enjoy the exposure to diverse perspectives and expressions from each participant. Teaching constantly amazes me; every workshop feels new because of the unique viewpoints and modes of expression brought in by the students. 

Using the Studio space in Schöneberg for our personal artistic practices, Karina and I are excited about hosting workshops there. This brings a new dimension and dynamic to the space. Together, we aspire to mold it into a haven for learning, refining, and experimenting across mediums and artistic explorations.

I’m very excited to start this new chapter and looking forward to connecting with you all! 💫

Alma Sinai
Artist Educator

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