Figure Drawing Essentials

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Online video course with G Caruso.

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Gain a solid foundation in the essentials of figure drawing. 

Have you ever wanted to draw a human figure but are not sure how to start? 
Would you like to gain confidence in your life drawing sketches? 

G Caruso guides you through the process of learning how to draw the figure from the inside out, during this online course. By understanding the structure of the human form, you will be able to draw any figure in any pose. 

This course includes:

  • 19 step by step video tutorials.
  • Original reference images from G Caruso’s own drawings.
  • Historical context for techniques learned.
  • Lifetime access to the entire course.


During the first part of this course you learn the basic structure of the standing figure. As G explains the evolution of Contrapposto in art history, you are introduced to the importance of weight and balance in addition to structure. These foundation principles are then applied to several different poses during step by step video tutorials. 


Gesture drawing is all about capturing the essence of a pose in an efficient way. G demonstrates several different techniques for gesture drawing using different drawing mediums: graphite, ink and watercolor. A collection of reference images are provided so that you can practice these techniques on a variety of poses at a quick pace. Special attention is given on how to capture movement within a drawing. 


Learn straightforward techniques for managing foreshortening in your drawings. Instead of shying away from difficult poses, allow your instructor G to guide you through the process of understanding and depicting foreshortening. 

Facial features, hands and feets

The details are often what make a figure drawing really unique and compelling. Learn the basic structure of smaller more complex figurative elements so that you can employ them for their expressive capacity. Draw hands and feet in an abbreviated yet precise way in a figure drawing context. Draw the nose and eyes by focusing on their shadows and not their outlines, in a portrait drawing context. Discover how these details can bring your figure drawing to the next level. 

Artist-Instructor G Caruso

G Caruso has studied anatomy and explored the human figure through their art for the past 20 years.

G Caruso

Artist and Instructor

G Caruso is a traditional Italian artist focused on studying and transmitting the knowledge and methods of old classical masters. After years of intense foundation work in the studio of Antonio Marroni, Italian artist preserving the tradition of the “Bottega d’Arte” with all its techniques, G graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera di Milano, with a curriculum focused on figure, pedagogy and symbolism in art. G Caruso taught at the Laboratorio Artistico of Milan for ten years before moving to Berlin and starting the collaboration with Berlin Drawing Room in 2017.

Figure Drawing Essentials

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The Contrapposto Structure (line of shoulders and hips)
Gesture Drawing
Foreshortening Management
Basic Elements of Head and Facial Features
Bonus Clip