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Drawing and Painting with Ink

Ink is an incredibly versatile medium used for drawing, painting and writing. We will be diving into the ink pool during our upcoming module of the Sketchbook Practice Workshop learning how to draw and paint with ink, starting August 17, 2020.

In order to wet your appetite, here are a few demo videos showing different ways to use ink. These techniques and many more will be covered during this online workshop.

Use ink as an efficient way to record your experiences and impressions while traveling in a sketchbook. Here seen in combination with watercolor. Created by artist and instructor G Caruso.
Here G Caruso expresses their love of trees in a cross hatching style inspired by Albrecht Dürer.
Ink can also be used in more painterly ways, like using wet into wet and washes. G Caruso
Sometimes an ink pen and a piece of paper are all you need to spontaneously capture a scene as it unfolds. A demo-video by one of our students!
Creating atmospheric perspective with ink layers. G Caruso

Discover the versatile potential of ink:

  • organized cross hatching
  • calligraphy-like gesture strokes
  • defined high contrast shadows
  • subtle tonal values when mixed with water

Learn how to draw and paint with ink! Explore different types of ink based materials, from pigment liners to brush pens, and learn how to choose the best one for our project.

Sketchbook Practice Workshop

with G Caruso

Whatever your goal is – developing a specific project, improving drawing skills, or learning new techniques – a consistent sketchbook practice is the best place to work on it. For countless artists before us and now, the sketchbook has always been the place to collect and analyze ideas, practice specific drawing skills and experiment in small format with techniques and solutions that would later be developed into larger works.

Through live demonstrations, exercises, and hands on practice you will learn foundation skills for drawing as well as special sketchbook techniques.

Sketchbook Practice Workshop will consist of a series of modules, each focused on a different subject or technique. The teaching will develop organically with each module over the course of the year, but if you start mid-year you will be guided into the overall process. Individual tutoring and specific exercises will respond on the goals, struggles and needs of each student. 

This online workshop is open to complete beginners and you are welcome to join at the start of any module, or leave and come back.

Sketchbook Practice: Inks
August 17 – September 21, 2020

6 x on Monday from 6-8 pm CET
Offered entirely online: livestreaming classes and personalized feedback on completed work.

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