Drawing Workshops

Would you like to learn how to draw? Why not take a Drawing Workshop with a professional artist!

Join us for a  whether you are a complete beginner or you are more experienced and want technical expertise on specific subjects or materials. We offer drawing workshops, both online and in person, that foster creative expression and technical advancement at any level. 

Did you know that drawing stimulates parts of your brain in different ways, compared to text?

Drawing can be a tool for creative expression, visual thinking and overcoming blocks – in addition to art making. 

I wanted to learn how to draw comics or create a graphic novel. Books and classes I found and did so far, had quite a conventional approach. When I found Ali’s course, I had the feeling this is a bit different from the others. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, if it would be worth to book all 5 classes at once, but I absolutely didn’t regret that I did. Over 5 months I participated nearly every week in the online class. Ali offered a nice mix of warm up exercised, theoretical input, feedback, answering questions, sharing own experiences and several drawing exercises. She encouraged the participants to create and stick with a character. Since the course happened over a long period and I got feedback and input every week, it was possible to get into a process and develop something. I didn’t had any specific in mind, but over the time I created a wolf character, who is now part of several comics I’ve made and still make. I also liked Ali’s political awareness and openness. I didn’t have a favourite exercise, but I liked a lot, that we started with a short warm up, did another longer exercise and did a long exercise in the end of each class.

Maria Preußmann (Visual Storytelling Workshop Series with Ali Fitzgerald, 2021)

I really recommend these classes to open minded people. Here you will learn basics or enhance your already established skills in a non academic way. You can always grab a book and learn about how you “should” draw lights and shadows, but this is different. This is about approaching reality, breaking through your “standards” and creating something that, sometimes surprisingly, is always definitely interesting. If you are not afraid of what can get out of your pencil when you let it go, just come to this workshop: it is the right place for you!

Simone Brizzi (Drawing Workshop, 2013)

G Caruso’s watercolor workshop was excellent and my first online art workshop. I hadn’t worked with watercolor for many years and I was able to refresh my memory and learn new techniques each week. Each session was recorded on dropbox so I was able to reinforce my learning. Each participant was able to upload their projects and get positive feedback and suggestions. G is an organized, very experienced water-colorist and teacher who shares her passion for the medium. She cares about each student and their progress. The sense of community that developed was such a treat. I live in the USA and worked from my studio. There were students from four other countries. I signed up for another class immediately and hope online classes will continue to be offered.

Norma Bradley (Sketchbook Practice Workshop, 2020)

The course about anatomy with G was great! It’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short time and G is a very precise and nice instructor. Thank you for that!

Nathalie Frank (Anatomy Drawing Workshop, 2017)

I took the Spring 2013 Drawing Workshop and can highly recommend it. This is a great class for learning to observe and draw in a structured, yet playful and creative way. I was familiar with some of the ideas from Betty Edwards ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’, and I also met many new exercises and ways of approaching drawing. Mira is a gentle and supportive teacher, at the same time she is always stretching her students to try different methods and get beyond their self-imposed limits. By the end of the class, I noticed that my drawing had improved in ways that I hadn’t even realised!

Catherine Lupton (Drawing Workshop, 2013)

Why should I learn how to draw?

Would you like to become more fluent in visual thinking and communicating? If you are willing to engage in the process of drawing thinking, rather than expecting one-dimensional solutions or quick results, then this workshop is right for you. 

The goal here is not to make a realistic drawing and you do not need to be a “talented artist” to make use of the skills we will develop. You will learn concrete, hands-on techniques to facilitate the switch from left to right brain. This is not a workshop on the concept of creativity, it is more about providing skills and techniques that one can practice and use. 

What does drawing do to your brain?

Find out why drawing is a way of thinking. Learn hands-on exercises for engaging the visual/creative side of your brain that cannot be accessed with language. Take for example, our lesson on drawing negative space. When you learn to draw the negative space surrounding an object, you are training your brain to be able to shift in and out of two modes of focus. The goal is not the finished drawing, but rather the clicking feeling of rapidly switching between perceptual modes at will becoming part of your muscle memory. This is the type of training that can lead to more agile visual thinking.

What is the benefit of drawing?

As we look around and see the demand for non-linear problem solving, innovation and visual communication in a variety of fields, we recognize that artists have a unique perspective to offer. Our drawing workshops are taught from an artist’s perspective and led by professional practicing artists. We have trained in and practiced the principles of drawing thinking for decades now we are ready to share our strategies with you. 

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