Figure Drawing 2022 Awardee: Beth Simcock

The Bathers
Acrylic, spray paint, print, stickers on canvas

Our Figure Drawing Workshop Series focuses on understanding the human figure through drawing and painting. The scholarship is granted to an artist with a figurative practice that seeks to study anatomy and figure drawing/ painting in depth and detail. All classes take place online with experienced figurative artist and educator G Caruso. The winner of this years figure Drawing Scholarship was Beth Simcock take a look at the work she did during the workshops and her thoughts on each module, and overall experience!

“During my time learning with Berlin Drawing Room I have already been able to notice some of the changes that the classes and regular practice have helped me implement. My sketchbook has become a permanent fixture wherever I go, and taking classes with BDR over the last six months has noticeably improved my ability to draw the figure from life quickly and accurately. I think that spending time working on these skills has and will continue to change the way that I approach the painting process, too. I am looking forward to seeing what effect that this attention to drawing will do to the quality of my painting work longer-term. I am currently working on a series of large paintings, and intend to integrate drawing more into my wider artistic practice, both as a preparatory tool and in the ‘finished product’. 

I have really enjoyed taking classes with G, who is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher, and being able to share their experience with the rest of the class attending each workshop. The classes have always felt welcoming as well as personal, and the weekly schedule has been a great reminder to spend time nurturing some more base-level drawing skills and correcting bad habits that can sometimes be overlooked. I would recommend taking workshops at Berlin Drawing Room to anybody interested in figure drawing, regardless of skill level.” – Beth

Structural Anatomy Module

“In the first month of Structural Anatomy classes with G I have been challenged to think differently about how I approach drawing the figure.

By deconstructing parts of the body into their basic three-dimensional shapes and focussing on a different element each week, G gives us the tools to apply these methods to an understanding of any figure or reference. I have already noticed how our classes on the ribcage and pelvis have affected my approach to composition within my painting practice, and learning to recognise the ‘landmarks’ of the body has meant that I can apply what I have learned to even stylistic drawings. “

Morpho Anatomy Module

“Taking the Morpho Anatomy course after learning about Structural Anatomy with Berlin Drawing Room has really helped me to visualise my drawing subjects in three dimensions. Since beginning the classes, I have found that I can make sketches quicker and more accurately, with a better understanding of the body’s basic (and more complex) shapes and how they fit together and overlap. This has also helped my drawings from life and in museums; partly by easing the intimidation of the blank page. G also takes care to remind us of the variations and discrepancies in body types and how these manifest, which helps to stop the drawings from becoming too formulaic, and encourages careful looking. “

Facial features Module

“Taking the Eyes and Facial Features Workshop has been immensely useful. As an artist whose work often relies on capturing portraits, I have paid a lot of attention to the face in the past and have come across a lot of tutorials on the subject. I was pleasantly surprised by how much new information I was able to learn by following G’s instructions. As always, the classes were well-paced and easy to follow, but also included plenty of interesting information. I was particularly engaged by the portrait classes where we looked at the importance of light in mapping facial features, which helped to tie-in a lot of the structural knowledge from the classes before.” 

Figure Drawing Workshop Series

A year-round online workshop series focused on understanding the human figure through drawing and painting.

Draw and paint the human figure with confidence!

Gain an in-depth understanding and skill set for drawing and painting the figure. This series of online workshops is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in depicting the human form to really go deep into the subject with an expert. Improve your figure drawing technique or build a solid foundation as a beginner. Each workshop covers the theory with detail and precision through live demos and hands on practice. Opportunities to analyze and grow together come through class discussions and individual feedback. 

G Caruso has studied anatomy and explored the human figure through their art for the past 20 years. They are ready to share all their knowledge and practical solutions to common problems with you. 

Included in this workshop series:

  • Learn the basics of anatomy, from inner structures to exterior details.
  • Observe and compare the work of old masters and learn how the representation of the human figure has evolved in western art history.
  • Explore different mediums
  • Develop a poetic and expressive understanding of the human form.

G Caruso always strives to create a cooperative and supportive environment in their classes. Time is dedicated for individual feedback and the teaching style is tailored to the needs of the group.

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