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Figure Drawing with Pastels Class (Video)

During this class you will get an introduction to drawing figure with pastels. Follow along with artist G Caruso as they guide you step by step how to use pastels.  

Sometimes you are somewhere where you can’t use wet mediums but you still want to study colors… Pastels and colored pencils are your best friends for that. Dry pastels and wax or oil based colored pencils are the most accessible colored medium for your sketchbook practice. You don’t have to mix them or use a brush, they’re just there, ready for you!

You can go deeper into your figure drawing journey with our Figure Drawing: Pastel Techniques Workshop beginning November 10 – December 8, 6-8pm CET livestreaming.

This workshop is part of our Figure Drawing Series. This is a recording of our Free livestreaming Class that took place on October 17, 2022.


  • Canson Mi teintes/Lana rough colored paper/Any dark tonal pastel paper cut to the size of your sketchbook page.
  • Pastel set, either stick pastels, or dry pastels in pencil form like carbothello
  • White tissue/silken paper to protect paintings
  • Pastel blenders (those wrapped paper pencils) or simply q-tips
  • Wet tissues for cleaning hands or latex gloves or foam pastel handles if you don’t like getting your hands dirty

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