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Yellow Wildflower Watercolor Class (Video)


Learn how to paint a YELLOW wildflower using watercolor during this full length video tutorial class. Follow along with artist Mira O’Brien as she guides you step by step how to paint a flower in a botanical style. Through a process of close observation and layering, we will capture the details of these delicate subjects. Discover a new way to appreciate even small instances of nature in your immediate surroundings through botanical illustration.  

Go deeper into the process during the Spring Botanical Watercolor Workshop or Summer Botanical Watercolor Workshop

Help Artists at Risk! HOW to DONATE:

It is completely FREE to join, but we will be kindly requesting donations for a great organization during the class. We are raising money for the organization Artists at Risk

You can donate with Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Ethereum, or Tezos. Click the button below to donate! In the notes section of the payment we ask you write “Berlin Drawing Room”. Thank you for your donations!

Artists at Risk (AR) works with artists around the world, including those affected by war and crises such as those in Ukraine and Afghanistan. We focus on helping artists to safety and placing them in welcoming artist communities. Your support will directly benefit artists fleeing war and persecution in the form of emergency resources, travel aid, and residencies. Help support our non-profit organization, help artists in danger!

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Ficaria verna, commonly known as lesser celandine or fig buttercup. Wikipedia A very common wildflower in Europe and an invasive species in N America.


  • Watercolors: Any basic set of watercolors will suffice for this class. I will be using pigments such as lemon yellow, yellow “pure”, quinacridone purple, cobalt blue, and more… but I will also suggest alternative combinations if you don’t have the exact same pigments as me. 
  • Small and/ or medium sized round watercolor brush. 
  • Watercolor paper (300g)
  • HB pencil
  • Water cup, paper towel

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