Guides for Seeing Art in Berlin

Guides for Seeing Art in Berlin

Hilma af Klint at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

In the mood to go see some art but not sure where to go? Tired of paying museum admission fees but intimidated by the long list of galleries? Already saw the “big names” but not sure what to see next?

Help is here! Well indirectly… I wanted to share with the Berlin Drawing Room community my list of art guides in Berlin.  These are great resources for finding out what is currently up, but also to get tips and reviews.


1. Index Berlin
This guide is fairly comprehensive when it comes to commercial galleries, and has a pretty good list of alternative spaces and private collections (that are open to the public) as well. Invaluable is also the list of openings, by date!

2.  Berlin Art Link
This website is great because they give weekly recommendations on what to see. They also post reviews, studio visits, and more to go deeper into the Berlin art-scene, as well as a variety of other resources.

3.  Bpigs: Berlin Independents Guide
Here you can find listings for mainly alternative, artist-run, project spaces in all their variety! Bpigs offers weekly recommendations for exhibitions and other art-related events.  Reviews and a variety of other content can also be found on their website.

4.  Berlin Drawing Room on Social Media! or @berlindrawingroom
We post links here to the exhibitions we see when we go on class field-trips, when our artist-intructors have exhibitions, or just when we come across something amazing.


Here are some images from past field trips from our drawing and paintings workshops that sometimes include a field trip to visit galleries!