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Printable Holiday Cards Gift

Print out these cards for your friends and family this Holiday Season!

What a year! 2020 has been full of challenges and new discoveries. Thank you for joining us, if you are a new member of our community. THANK YOU for sticking with us, if you are one of our loyal repeat students.

Our gift to you is a pair of high resolution greeting cards, with artwork by your BDR artist-instructors G Caruso and Mira O’Brien. These PDFs can be printed as many times and as often as you wish. If you use heavy card stock paper, we recommend cream color, then you will be rewarded with a beautiful high quality card. For best results, visit your local print shop and have them take care of the details. If you print all your holiday cards at once, you can save a pretty penny 😉

Scroll down for PDF downloads.

“Study of the Victoria from the domed room –
the Rulers’ Hall – of the Berlin Zeughaus by Fritz Schaper 1880/1885”
Gouache on paper,

G Caruso, 2019

The winged Victoria, or goddess of victory, was painted by G Caruso after the 19th c sculpture by Fritz Schaper which can be found in the Berlin Zeughaus. In G’s rendition the broken arm, damaged during WWII, can be clearly seen. It is as if she has persevered despite handicap and yet her moment of victory is also fleeting, as is evidenced by the way her feet barely touch ground. Is she landing or departing?

“Wintering Rose Hips” Watercolor on paper,

Mira O’Brien, 2020

The rose hip was painted by Mira O’Brien during one of the Fall Botanical Watercolor classes. Despite the beauty of the flower, it is the fruit of the rose that contains its most powerful medicinal properties. A boost to the immune system to all who dare past the thorns. Long after the flowers have faded, the rose hips provide a flash of red all winter long.


If you are printing from the USA, use the PDF Labeled “US Letter Size”. If you are printing from another part of the world you can use the “A4” Labeled PDF.

  1. Choose the paper you would love to use for your card. We recommend 250-300 gram card stock in off-white or cream color. Go to your local print shop or use your home color printer. Print as many cards as you want!

2. There is a dotted line in the middle of the paper. Fold and connect the parallel corners.  

3. Write in your holiday card, which is blank in the center, and it is ready to be given this Holiday Season!

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