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Japanese Style Accordion Sketchbook (Video)

Make your own sketchbook! We will make a Japanese style accordion sketchbook with the paper of your choice. During this recording the instructor guides the class with step by step demonstrations of how to create a sketchbook so that you can start your sketchbook practice journey.

You can go deeper into your sketchbook practice journey with our Drawing Workshops. This is a recording of our Free livestreaming Class that took place on January 24, 2022.


  • Paper for the inside.
    • Paper can be any size, A4 is fine. We will learn a joining technique that will enable us to create a long narrow format starting with any paper size. If you have larger format paper, 70x100cm, you can cut a long strip. This will all be explained during the class.
  • Pressed cardboard for the cover 
  • Decorative paper for the cover and the inner cover
  • PVA glue: liquid book making glue like Vinavil, Lineco: Books by Hand, or even Elmer’s.  
  • Brush / Spatul a for the glue 
  • Cutter and cutting board, some sort of ruler for cutting 
  • Paper folder or an rigid sooth instrument for folding corners
  • Big books for weight 
  • Pencil to mark paper

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