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Lepista nuda “Blewit” Painting Class: Video

Paint a toadstool as an introduction to the fantastical world of fungi. Learn a basic layering technique to convey the round forms of the cap and the stem of a toadstool using watercolor. Spending time in close observation with mushrooms will tune you into making your own fungi discoveries close to home at a time of year when they tend to flourish. The techniques we will practice during this class can also be used for field sketching and recording your naturalist observations.

For a more in depth journey into the kingdom of fungi, check out our Fungi Watercolor Workshop starting November 9. We will have guest presentations from a professional mycologist and will learn specific techniques to represent the textures and colors of mushrooms. 

Reference photos for the Free Watercolor Toadstool Class on November 2, 2021.

You can find more information about the fungus Lepista nuda, commonly called Blewit, and its distinguishing features at First Nature. This species is also known by the name Clitocybe nuda and there has been some taxonomical controversy over the name.

While color, gill arrangement and other visible features are important for identification, for me the most strongly identifying feature of this mushroom is its smell. While the color of these mushrooms can vary widely, with caps ranging from beige to violet, the smell is consistent. A heady perfume of earthy lilac with subtle carrion undertones.

Reference photos (HIGH RES download link): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kk3ksbtj884zm1a/AADY9eifDS3_aaZmLX-wr2sRa?dl=0

Lepista nuda cap and gills
Lepista nuda cap close up
Lepista nuda gills close up

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