Linocut Gift Ideas

Here are 10 gift ideas using the Linocut Printmaking technique. You can create any of these objects during the upcoming Linocut Printmaking Workshop (December 11-12) at the Berlin Drawing Room.

  1. Print a small edition and use them as hand made holiday cards!

2. Small stamps like this are quick to make and you can print them in all kinds of combinations on limitless surfaces! Also using different colors!

3. The Berlin must-have item: the TOTE-BAG! Print your stamps in all kinds of different configurations on a tote-bags. Your friends will never stop thank you for their one of a kind stand out in a crowd tote-bag!

4. Taking the stamp idea a step further. Print different matching stamps on canvas cosmetic bags or pencil cases. Recombine a few different stamps in different ways to create alternating patterns, making each individual gift completely unique.

5. Print on kitchen towels or napkins.

6. More little bags, but this one was just too cute! Something like this could easily be sewn by hand and then printed on.

7. Print your lino-block on a t-shirt! This could also be a great way to upcycle old clothes.

8. For the little ones on your holiday gift list, print your blocks on a baby onesie.

9. Christmas tree ornaments, and there you have it!

10. And what would you like to print this beautiful block with the radiant yellow ink on? This looks so yummy I would just want to print it everywhere! So many possibilities.

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