Monotype Printmaking Supply List

  • Ink roller( small size suitable)
  • Thin drawing paper ( approximately  between 100g-180g)
  • Watercolor or  printing paper( BFK Rives) around size 50×70 cm. (no thicker then 200g).
  • Additional drawing, painting supplies- a few pencils, graphite stick, colors, like a few oil pastel colors.
  • For painting: a few paintbrushes, sponges, and a few colors
  • I encourage to use water based printing ink, or charbonnel auqua wash. This is an oil based printing ink, but it is non toxic and the materials and paintbrushes can be washed with soap and water afterwards. A few colors will do, you do not have to purchase a full set of colors.
  • Important: students will also need a plexi glass, or real glass, or some kind of a foil for printing. Boesner sells large rolls of this, and it is possible to cut with scissors also, if purchased in a large roll/big quantity.

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