Printmaking Workshops

Join us for a printmaking workshop at our studio in Berlin! We offer linocut, monoprint and cyanotype workshops. Our mixed-media workshops provide an opportunity to combine techniques in a creative and individualized style.

Printmaking is a very process-based technique which one can enjoy each step from the first one to the last, so it not only brings you the joy of having a final product but you would certainly have a great time while creating it. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have more experience you are welcome to join these workshops.


Why should I learn Printmaking?

Learning different printmaking techniques broadens your vision towards various means of creating art. You can experiment with different levels of control and look at your surrounding with a new approach where you can define anything as a tool to create an impression or trace on paper. Printmaking techniques such as Linocut and Monoprint enhance your sense of composition making. Monoprint can truly activate the surrounding by constantly offering new objects as great mediums to print from. With Linocut you can explore the different effects of playing with negative and positive space. Drypoint offers you the possibility to reach very fine and delicate qualities, and Chine-collé always brings a spark of color and playfulness to your print’s compositions. Printmaking can be a very tactile and playful technique that gives you the joy of handling different surfaces and textures. Through individual printmaking techniques and also by combining them you can develop your own unique visual language.

What is the benefit of Printmaking?

All Printmaking techniques from Linocut, Monoprint and Drypoint to the others have a truly meditative, fun and satisfying process. Many printmaking methods can be easily accessible and simple to use and you can make hand-pulled prints at home with a few materials. This allows you to visit these techniques whenever you feel a spark of creativity or have a project in mind or simply want to do a meditative activity. Printmaking also gives you the option to create unique images or make limited editions of the same print. 

I really recommend these classes to open minded people. Here you will learn basics or enhance your already established skills in a non academic way. You can always grab a book and learn about how you “should” draw lights and shadows, but this is different. This is about approaching reality, breaking through your “standards” and creating something that, sometimes surprisingly, is always definitely interesting. If you are not afraid of what can get out of your pencil when you let it go, just come to this workshop: it is the right place for you!

Simone Brizzi

I wanted to learn how to draw comics or create a graphic novel. Books and classes I found and did so far, had quite a conventional approach. When I found Ali’s course, I had the feeling this is a bit different from the others. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, if it would be worth to book all 5 classes at once, but I absolutely didn’t regret that I did. Over 5 months I participated nearly every week in the online class. Ali offered a nice mix of warm up exercised, theoretical input, feedback, answering questions, sharing own experiences and several drawing exercises. She encouraged the participants to create and stick with a character. Since the course happened over a long period and I got feedback and input every week, it was possible to get into a process and develop something. I didn’t had any specific in mind, but over the time I created a wolf character, who is now part of several comics I’ve made and still make. I also liked Ali’s political awareness and openness. I didn’t have a favourite exercise, but I liked a lot, that we started with a short warm up, did another longer exercise and did a long exercise in the end of each class.

Maria Preußmann (Visual Storytelling Workshop Series with Ali Fitzgerald, 2021)

I took the Drawing Workshop and can highly recommend it. This is a great class for learning to observe and draw in a structured, yet playful and creative way. I was familiar with some of the ideas from Betty Edwards ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’, and I also met many new exercises and ways of approaching drawing. Mira is a gentle and supportive teacher, at the same time she is always stretching her students to try different methods and get beyond their self-imposed limits. By the end of the class, I noticed that my drawing had improved in ways that I hadn’t even realised!

Catherine Lupton (Drawing Workshop, 2013)

The watercolor workshop was excellent and my first online art workshop. I hadn’t worked with watercolor for many years and I was able to refresh my memory and learn new techniques each week. Each session was recorded so I was able to reinforce my learning. Each participant was able to upload their projects and get positive feedback and suggestions. The instructor is an organized, very experienced water-colorist and teacher who shares her passion for the medium. She cares about each student and their progress. The sense of community that developed was such a treat. I live in the USA and worked from my studio. There were students from four other countries. I signed up for another class immediately and hope online classes will continue to be offered.

Norma Bradley (Sketchbook Practice Workshop, 2020)

The course about anatomy was great! It’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short time and G is a very precise and nice instructor. Thank you for that!

Nathalie Frank (Anatomy Drawing Workshop, 2017)

”I absolutely loved the Printmaking workshop! Not only did we get hands-on skills, but we also explored the fascinating history and context behind the art. The references were super helpful. The vibes were amazing and Alma created such a chill and supportive environment where we all helped each other out. She guided each of us so well, and thanks to her, I was able to create the prints I had imagined.”

Muj ( Printmaking Workshop )

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