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Repeating Patterns with Linocut Printmaking

After the success of Julia Herfurth’s Linocut Printmaking Workshops, which have consistently sold out, we decided to expand this offer to include special topics. The next workshop with Julia is Linocut Printmaking: Pattern Design beginning May 7. There are so many things you can create once you have a repeating pattern design. Even with a small linoleum block, you can use a repeating pattern to fill up a large surface area with your design. Whether you want to create a fine art print, t-shirts, a tablecloth… there are no limits when it comes to patterns – literally! They just keep going, and your design can keep giving varied outcomes as you apply it to different surfaces and find new uses. Here are some images and, student work from the workshop!

Inspiration for Creating Patterns with Linocut Printmaking

Scroll down to view some curated ideas for creating patterns using linocut! It can be so inspiring to look at the work of other artists. Just seeing the variety and the beauty of what people create makes me want to grab my linoleum block and start carving!

Linocut Printmaking: Patter Design

Workshop with Berlin Drawing Room led by artist Julia Herfurth

Linocut Printmaking: Pattern Design Workshop Details

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This Linocut Workshop will introduce you to the basics of pattern design using linocut. We will look at different ways how to design a pattern and you will learn how to create a rapport manually. The Application of the design is totally up to you: print on paper, fabric, a tote bag or design a scarf.

Each class includes step-by-step instructions on how to develop your project, as well as individual consultation. Learn about what kind of images make good pattern designs, gather ideas and make preparatory sketches.

Explore the process of printing by hand, without a press, and its’s myriads possibilities. Not only can this process be replicated at home with a few specialized printmaking tools, but it allows for an intuitive experimental approach.

Day 1: Creating your pattern design

  • Discover how artists have developed successful compositions using linocut printmaking. View examples from art history and contemporary printmakers.
  • Choose a motif and develop a design.
  • Carve your lino block.
  • Learn about the different types of materials and objects that can be used as printing surfaces.

Day 2: Printing

  • Test print and troubleshoot your carved lino block.
  • Create a small edition of prints.
  • Experiment with printing on different surfaces such as colored paper, fabric and t-shirts…

Perfect for beginners as well as print enthusiasts already familiar with linocut and woodcut.

Linocut is beloved for being an accessible printmaking technique with a strong graphic presence and ability to translate fine detail. First used extensively by the German Expressionist group Die Brücke in the early 20th century, linocut quickly became a popular and widespread practice among artist and designers. Further championed by the likes of Picasso and Matisse, this method of image making is now considered a staple among the arts of printmaking.

More resources on the linocut printmaking process and history:

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