Scholarship: Figure Drawing & Painting 2022

Apply for a full scholarship to participate in the online Figure Drawing & Painting Workshop Series. The scholarship is for the first three modules of this yearlong series, with the possibility to continue:

Structural Anatomy: Feb 3 – Mar 24
Thursdays 6-8pm CET

Morpho Anatomy: Mar 31 – May 19
Thursdays 6-8pm CET

Head and Facial Features: Jun 2 – Jul 7
Thursdays 6-8pm CET

The scholarship will be granted to an artist with a figurative practice that seeks to study anatomy and figure drawing/ painting in depth and detail. An artist that wishes to combine a traditional skill set with a contemporary practice. The term “figurative practice” can be interpreted very broadly here. If you think this could help your artistic development, please apply!

All classes take place online with experienced figurative artist and educator G Caruso. Find details on the course and their pedagogy here.

The scholarship awardee will have their class work featured on Berlin Drawing Room social media accounts so that others can watch their journey.

I am excited to offer this opportunity to a figurative artist that seeks to add technical expertise to their practice. My own education as an artist took place at two of the top rated art programs, UCLA and Yale. The conceptual focus of both programs was stimulating and challenging, but I sometimes struggled with the lack of technical preparation we received. There were times when I yearned for training in a specific technique. I don’t want lack of technical skills to hinder the development of any young artists’ work.
– Mira O’Brien, artist and founder of Berlin Drawing Room

Application for Scholarship

Deadline: January 17, 2022.

You will be hearing back from us through email between the dates of January 17 – 21.

Please make sure to fill out the form completely in order to be eligible.

Figure Drawing and Painting 2021 Awardee:

Maku Azu

“The Berlin Drawing-room scholarship came at the perfect time in my career. As a self-taught artist transitioning from painting to sculpture was a challenging and I learned knowledge about the internal structures the human body. The class was an immense help In acquiring this knowledge.The teaching was clear and very informative and our teacher G Caruso  is very knowledgeable about how the human body is built ,and more than that they are very gifted in transmitting this knowledge to their students.I really enjoyed having the class because who were able to grow steadily and share our works in progress every week in a relaxed and supportive environment. Since taking the class I have become quite knowledgeable in how the human body is formed and how it works and also how to stylize and break those rules of form. It was a very valuable experience.” – @makuazu

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