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Sketchbook Creative Journey

We are excited to introduce a new workshop format the the Berlin Drawing Room. The new Sketchbook Practice Workshop Series will take place over the course of an entire year, starting in January. This format enables participants to embark on a deep personal journey of not only learning to draw but developing a practice that they can choose to continue or always return to over the course of a life time.

G Caruso has been a sketchbook enthusiast for the past 25 years, filling up pages and pages with life studies, sketches, diagrams, portraits, exercises.  For G, the sketchbook is an essential part of the artistic process and even a way to see the world.

G Caruso in Morocco

The main struggle a lot of people have is to be consistent and decide what to do in the sketchbook. G Caruso will demonstrate different mental training tricks and a lot of practical solutions to be able to always find something worth drawing. 

Every six weeks, the workshop will switch topics and new students are welcome to join! It is absolutely not essential to complete the entire year to get something out of this format. You are welcome to join, or leave and come back, every time a new topic starts, these dates will be announced on our homepage along with the topic.

The first few topics planned are:
* Mixed Media Drawing 
* Portrait
* Figure 
* Urban Landscape

The workshop will be tailored to the group and individual needs. A real practice space where each student can bring requests and share their own struggles and find support and tools to develop the skills they want. 

Included in each six week module is a life drawing sessions with model and a field trip to a museum to learn from the old masters.

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