Sketchbook Practice Materials: Lockdown Edition

The principle of this workshop is to show methods and techniques to develop a practice without having access to “the outside world” which also means that we’re gonna make work what you already have at home. The materials list is divided in categories of things you can start look around for in your house. We will go through this during the first class too anyway so don’t worry too much 🙂

  • The sketchbook: Maybe you already have a sketchbook, maybe you have a random notebook that we can adapt, maybe you just have loose paper and I will show you simple ways to bind it in a sketchbook. 
  • Line media: graphite pencils, pens, liners. Anything goes. Even a rollerpoint pen. As long as it is water resistant.
  • Color: you may already have a watercolor box or a set of colored pencils or markers, if not, we’re gonna get creative and use what you have around the house: coffee, tea, spices. There is no limit.
  • Brushes: anything with bristles qualifies as a brush. Makeup brushes are brushes. A toothbrush is a brush. (Your cat’s tail may be a brush but only if you’re a zen monk.)
  • Glue/tape: anything you can use to stick paper or other things in your sketchbook.

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