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Sketchbook Practice Watercolor

The upcoming module of the yearlong Sketchbook Practice Workshop with G Caruso will be focused on watercolor. Find details HERE.

Watercolor is a medium beloved for its immediacy and versatility. Centuries before the modern romantic age revival as a carnet de voyage (travel sketching) medium, watercolor was employed by old masters in their sketches. We will explore how to use watercolor to make projects sketches, color studies and creative illustrations in our sketchbook.

Supply List

– Watercolor paper 300gr

– Pigment liners 0.3 and 0.7

– Watercolors, basic set of 12, no white, with payne’s grey instead

– Pentel waterbrush large or wide tip or normal brush medium/big

– Watersoluble neutral browns or ochre pencil or graphite

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