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Small Group Private Workshop Special Offers

Are you looking for a unique group activity?

This spring we have a few special offers for private groups of up to 8 people that want to come to our studio in Schöneberg.

Printmaking and Cyanotype are both process oriented techniques that work really well with a smaller group size. With these techniques, it is all about digging into the process, exploring materials and experimenting. Because the techniques themselves are so unique and spectacular in their results, you will also go home with some beautiful pieces – even if you are a beginner at printmaking.

Private Cyanotype Workshop

Create beautiful and ephemeral prints through this painterly photographic process. Printing with cyanotype is essentially painting with sunlight. The sun turn the chemicals blue, leaving a pale negative image behind anywhere the light was blocked.

Dates Available: April 28 / May 1 / May 7 / June 8 / June 9

  • 470 Euro 400 Euro (incl. VAT)
  • Up to 8 participants
  • 3 hour workshop
  • Location: Erdmannstraße 13, 10827 Berlin- Schöneberg

Private Printmaking Workshop

Delve into this hands on process full of experimentation and creativity. Choose between Linocut or Monoprint Printmaking. You may also choose to print on a t-shirt or tote bags if you want to leave with a special object to remember your experience.

Dates Available: April 13/14, May 18/19, June 1

  • 470 Euro 400 Euro (incl. VAT)
  • Up to 8 participants
  • 3 hour workshop
  • Location: Erdmannstraße 13, 10827 Berlin- Schöneberg

What are people saying?

Learning printmaking was a full sensorial experience for me. I loved experimenting with different textures and seeing the impressions they created. The studio is a super unique space, and Alma made us feel comfortable to explore our creativity. We left with several finished prints and I even brought a blank t-shirt to print on, which took the ink very well. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to create beautiful art in a way that is totally free from pressure. What emerges can be so surprising, that you really have to let go and enjoy the process.

– Janet Coleman, Testimonial from a private printmaking workshop, 2023

Get creative in our studio space!

For groups up to 10 people, we are happy to host you in our studio space in Schöneberg.

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