Mixing Shadow Colors for Succulent (Video)

Before we get started painting the tonal structure of the succulent, we need to mix some colors. Make sure you have a piece of paper to test out your colors, dark colors are especially difficult to see accurately unless you test them on the paper.

For the shadow color I will use the follow pigments:

  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Any moderately transparent yellow will work, I used something called Pure Yellow Transparent
  • Phthalo Blue

Local color: refers to the color of the object. For example, a red apple’s local color is red. It’s just the color you would name something.

Tonality: focuses on light on dark values, so imagine you are seeing something in black and white. When we say “tonal structure” we are talking about how shadows make visible the form of an object. So the shadows, or variation in value, are what make something look 3D, not the color.