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Urban Landscape: Sketching with Watercolor Class (video)

You don’t need to travel in order to explore!

We look at how to use watercolor to sketch an urban environment in a simple and fast way without perspective knowledge. A basic urban sketching style you can use for your practice that focus on the principles of foreground/background.

G Caruso is the artist-instructor of the Sketchbook Practice Workshop Series at Berlin Drawing Room. Online, as well as in person, drawing and painting classes. 

Painting on location is a practice that requires mindfulness and kindness towards ourselves. What we put on paper may not always be perfect or satisfying to our inner critic, but the time we spend in communion with the beauty before us, our eyes wide open and receptive, is an invaluable gift.”
– G Caruso
Painting on Location and the Practice of Mindful Observation

This watercolor sketching class was part of our monthly FREE livestreaming series. We offer a free live class on a different drawing or painting topic every month. All are welcome to join! We send out the details for the classes and the livestreaming join link via our newsletter, every month. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to participate next time live.

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