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Capsella bursa-pastoris

Shepherd’s Purse
Fine Art Print from the original watercolor paintings by Mira O’Brien, 2021.
This plant will always remind me of my childhood spent collecting the heart shaped seed pods. While it may look innocent, the shepherd’s purse is a ‘protocarnivore’ whose seeds are deadly to a certain tiny worm. It is a prolific self-pollinator capable of reproducing multiple generations in a single year, preferring unwelcoming environments such as a crack in the pavement. With the ability to contract blood vessels to stop bleeding, this plant was used to treat soldiers wounds in the field. The young leaves can be used in a salad. 

Spring Botanical Watercolor Print Series

These lusciously painted botanical watercolors depict common weeds that you might encounter growing through the sidewalk, along a train track or behind a building; making their homes even in urban environments. These specimens were all collected and drawn in Berlin during lockdown during a deep exploration of my immediate surroundings. Hidden within the banality of these plants are rich folklores, wondrous medicinal properties and culinary delicacies. These commonly overlooked subjects are often delicate in their details and upon close inspection reveal striking complexities. 

Painted in the Linnean style of botanical illustration (developed incidentally by the artist Georg Dionysius Ehret in the 18th c), the paintings show various parts of each plant. Additional the plants are paired with their pollinators.

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A3+ Fine Art Print 

Paper size 33 x 48.3 cm (13″x19″)

45 Euro

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