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Anatomy Drawing Workshop

with G Caruso

A step by step approach to draw the folding, undulating, overlapping forms of created by drapery and clothing on a figure. Don’t let this seemingly difficult task intimidate you any longer! Learn techniques for both drawing classical figures in robes and contemporary clothed figures by analyzing old masters’ works, as well as working from life with models wearing costumes and drapery. Not only will we analyze the structure of folds, but we will look at how drapery and clothing have taken on symbolic meaning in art history.

This workshop with Giulia will be filled with live technical demonstrations, examples from art history and practical tips.

Techniques will include:

  • How to communicate different textures (shiny/opaque) and how different kind of fabric behave and fold

  • Cross-hatching après old masters (michelangelo, durer, leonardo),

  • Mezzotint with charcoal

  • Pastel on tonal paper

5 x Thursday 6-9pm
1 x field-trip: Saturday, March 30, 12-2pm

Cost: 178€*
*includes 19% VAT