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Creative Painting Workshop

Artist-instructorMira O’Brien

Format: In-person in the Berlin Drawing Room Studio (directions)

 February 24 – March 24, 2022
– 5x Thursdays
– 6-8pm

Cost: 190€
(incl. VAT)

Supply List: Acrylic paint is included. See “Materials” section below.

Covid-19 Update: 2G. Small class size (max 8 people plus instructor). Please wear a mask.

Workshop Description:

Discover personal expression and intuitive strategies through the process of painting. How can thousands of artists paint an apple and the result is different every time? Each brush stroke and each color choice contributes to the artists unique vision. We will explore these elements of painting, reinforcing foundation techniques as we go, in order to access our individual creative expression. 

Subjects from nature will receive special attention in developing our painterly vocabulary. We will look to flowers, branches, flowing fabric, etc… to get into a creative flow. Organic forms and shapes will guide us towards intuitive ways of working. A focus on process will help us access an exploratory mode.

We will mainly paint from direct observation, however there will be opportunities to incorporate photographic references as well. Examples from both art history and contemporary art will provide technical and conceptual insights. 

Discover how content follows form:

  • How personal style can emerge within a still life painting.
  • How the temperature of a palette can convey mood.
  • How composition can imply narrative by leading your viewer through a painting.

This workshop is open to all levels. 


  • Provided: Acrylic paint and basic painting set up.
    Everything for the first class is provided and we will go over additional supplies in detail.
  • To be purchased by the student: Own set of brushes (so that we don’t need to disinfect). Own mixed-media paper block or canvas boards (your choice).
  • Recommended: Own set of acrylic paint so that you can practice at home or join via livestreaming (when necessary, see below). Sketchbook for taking notes, testing colors, diagraming compositions, etc… Pencil and eraser.

What if I have to miss a class because I am sick or must quarantine?

If you have to miss a class in the studio, you will be able to participate from home via Zoom. We can’t guarantee an identical experience, but you will be able to watch all demos and slide presentations livestreaming. A recording will also be available for up to one week. For this reason, it is advisable to have a set of paints at home, purchased in advance. You will want them once the workshop ends anyway, so that you can continue painting! Partial refunds for missed classes are no available.

What if there is a lockdown?

In the case of a mandatory lockdown the workshop will be switched to online and no refunds will be offered.