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with Klara Hobza

Let us use the extraordinary current circumstances to introduce positive new habits into our lives; such as a daily drawing routine.

Each morning at 11 AM we meet at our work desks to draw. Even as a beginner, one quickly notices that daily drawing is a great way to increase focus and calm in our lives. For professional artists who aim to increase their drawing practice, these meetings provide a good time structure to get started with this habit. These daily meetings focus on the process of drawing, finding calm and space to be in the zone of drawing and its grounding impact.

Personally and as a professional artist, I hope to introduce this habit of daily drawing in the same way one might practice running, yoga or mediation and integrate it into my every day life even long after the lockdown.

You may bring an object of your choosing for practicing nature study, or simply start or continue working on a project that is already on your mind.

April 27 – May 3, 2020
7x (daily)
11:00-12:00 CET

  • After a short warm up exercise, the drawing meetings consist of uninterrupted, quiet drawing time. 
  • An informal WhatsApp group provides a space to share our drawings.

images: Klara Hobza, Diving through Europe/The reality of things, 2019.
Klara Hobza, Jaw of a six year old, 2018.

You will need: 

  • Paper, around A4 size
  • Pencils of different hardness (If you don’t have access to that, then use any pencils or pens that you can find and I will explain alternative techniques)
  • Optional: Eraser, soft eraser “Knetgummi”

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Meeting number: 525-711-795

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