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Drawing from Observation

Artist-instructor: Tora Aghabayova

Format: In-person at our Berlin-Kreuzberg studio. (directions)
Wrangelstrasse 31a

June 8 – July 6, 2022
– 5x Wednesdays
– 6:00-8:00pm

Cost: 190 €
(includes 19%VAT)
Please get in touch directly if you want to enroll:

Supply List: See “Materials” section below.

          Covid-19 Update: Small class size (max 8 people plus instructor). Please wear a mask.

What to Expect:

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? Start by learning how to observe and develop a new way of seeing. This workshop will take you from complete beginner to having a basic competence to draw what is in front of you. From there… the possibilities are endless! By gaining confidence in drawing you will open the door to countless applications of this skill, from meditative pastime to powerful communication aid.

Learn basic drawing techniques with a focus on drawing from observation. We will cover the basic building blocks of how to draw and how to observe accurately. Class exercises explore technique, medium and strategies in visual thinking. A perfect introduction for beginners, with new skills to be learned for the more experienced.

See your skills improve, no matter what level you are starting at!

Topics covered:

  • observation
  • contour lines
  • tonality
  • negative space
  • gesture, etc…

Drawing topics are supported with examples from art-history and contemporary art, thereby providing a context for the technical instruction. For example, what can we learn about contour lines by comparing drawings by David Hockney from the 21st century with those by Henri Matisse from the 20th century? Guided exercises build technique, starting with the basics, followed by time for experimentation and longer drawings. We draw from still-life creations as well as from figurative source material.

The formal topics covered in this workshop provide an overview of basic drawing techniques, as well as some more advanced applications. Gain an understanding of how concepts like negative space and tonality can take your drawings to the next level, while also appreciating how these universal building blocks have been used by other artists.


  • various pencils from soft to hard (a set of at least 4 pencils between 2B to 9B)
  • A4 drawing paper sketchbook
  • soft graphite stick (6B or higher)
  • kneadable eraser
  • hard white eraser
  • sharpener

Guide for where to buy art supplies.