with Mira O’Brien

Learn how to paint leaves during this free livestreaming workshop. Many trees store their leaves in tightly packed buds all winter long. That means all the leaves on those trees that come out in spring were actually created last summer and fall! Mira will demonstrate step by step how to paint leaves with lighter veins and with darker veins.

Learn basic botanical watercolor techniques in order to record specimens collected from your immediate surroundings. During this free online workshop, Mira guides you step by step in the process of a botanical watercolor sketch.

For this class we will paint from a provided photo, so no need to prepare a specimen in advance. We will go over some tips for future specimen collection though, to encourage you to go outside and explore.

Are you interested in learning to closely observe the instances of nature taking place right outside your front door, even in an urban environment? You don’t need to visit an exotic location to embody the spirit of a Naturalist. You can start today wherever you are.

How to join:

Sign up for our newsletter and receive the Zoom link to the livestreaming class. A newsletter will be sent out April 6 in the morning with login details for the online class.

Will there be more free classes? Yes! They will be announced via our Newsletter.


Tuesday, April 6

18 – 20:00 CET livestreaming
(6pm Berlin, 9am San Francisco, 10am Denver, 12pm noon NY)



  • Any set of watercolors
  • At least one small or medium round watercolor brush
  • Watercolor paper, 300 gram
  • Cup for water, paper towel
  • Pencil and white eraser

Want to go deeper into Botanical Watercolor? Check out the Spring Botanical Watercolor Workshop with Mira starting April 13.