with G Caruso

Venus with Biceps

The representation of women’s strength in art and in contemporary media.

Join us for this figure drawing class as we challenge classical perceptions of what form a woman should take. We will start with an examination of way in which women’s strength has been represented in both art history and modern photography. We will celebrate the range of ways that the bodies of women can be represented – and exist! We will explore this complex topic with openness and curiosity, and create our own drawings along the way.

How to join:

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Monday, March 8

18 – 20:00 CET
(6pm Berlin, 9am San Francisco, 10am Denver, 12pm noon NY)

Online livestreaming workshops.



– Drawing paper/watercolor paper (if using watercolors)

– Soft colored pencils

– Either watercolors or chunk of graphite/pastels (compatible with pencils) aka something that can make a wide mark on paper