with G Caruso

Create an effigy of 2020, a visual representation of the year, by participating in a mixed-media drawing experience. The process is part reflection and introspection, part expression and creativity. A great way to prepare for the new year and clear space for new goals, whether in your sketchbook practice or in life.

When creating your effigy, you can draw monsters, collage words, paint on it, etc… G will guide the composition and creative process but everybody can choose what to put in it and with what visual style. No performance pressure. It’s a collective performance art experience!

Burn your effigy drawing as a ritual release of the past year.

This free class will give a taste of G Caruso’s teaching style and how drawing can be interwoven with one’s life through a Sketchbook Practice. Discover the welcoming and supporting environment of the Berlin Drawing Room online classes. It’s not like your work meetings!

G Caruso will lead you on a drawing collage exercise through a live demo.

How to join:

Sign up for our newsletter and receive the Zoom link to the livestreaming class. A newsletter will be sent out Monday, December 28 in the morning with login details for the online class.

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Monday, December 28

18 – 20:00 CET
(6pm Berlin, 9am San Francisco, 10am Denver, 12pm noon NY)

Online livestreaming workshops.



  • stick glue, scissors, tape
  • old magazines or a collection of printed pictures of choice (no specific theme needed)
  • black alcohol marker/sharpie that can write over magazine paper
  • other scraps of blank drawing paper, white or toned
  • drawing media of choice (pencils, pastels, markers, pens)

Want to go deeper into mixed-media drawing? Check out the workshop with G Caruso starting in January. Sketchbook Practice: Mixed-Media