with Mira O’Brien (Berlin Drawing Room Founding Director)

What you will learn: 

Paint a toadstool as an introduction to the fantastical world of fungi. Learn a basic layering technique to convey the round forms of the cap and the stem of a toadstool using watercolor. Spending time in close observation with mushrooms will tune you into making your own fungi discoveries close to home at a time of year when they tend to flourish. The techniques we will practice during this class can also be used for field sketching and recording your naturalist observations.

For a more in depth journey into the kingdom of fungi, check out our Fungi Watercolor Workshop starting November 9. We will have guest presentations from a professional mycologist and will learn specific techniques to represent the textures and colors of mushrooms. 

How to join:

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Tuesday, November 2

18 – 20:00 CET
(6pm Berlin, 9am San Francisco, 10am Denver, 12pm noon NY)
Livestreaming via Zoom link. 


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  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor Set 
  • Watercolor Brush round size 6 (size 1-2 optional)
  • Pencils, HB and 2B
  • White eraser
  • Paper-towel
  • Water cup