Fungi Watercolor Workshop

with Mira O’Brien (Berlin Drawing Room Founding Director) and Matthias Wilkens (Botanical Expert from Prinzessinnengarten)

Observe the tubes of a bolete under a microscope, create ink from a Coprinus mushroom and learn why some believe fungi must have arrived from outer-space. Learn techniques for botanical illustration using a variety of foraged mushrooms and other fungi as subject matter. Inspired by the tradition of Naturalists, who recorded specimens through detailed paintings and drawings, we will explore the magical kingdom of fungi. Mira will introduce drawing and watercolor techniques during each class, while Mathias will provide scientific information about the specimens.

The drawings and painting made in this workshop are more like the field notes kept in the sketch books of Naturalists than the highly polished illustrations found in a botany textbook. These recordings are just as much about the subjective process of observation as they are about the recording of scientific data. Techniques will include line drawing with watercolor tea wash, building up layers with watercolor washes, adding detail with special watercolor effects and paying close attention to oft-overlooked subjects!

October 9 – November 6, 2019
5 x on Wednesday in the studio from 6 – 9 pm
1 x field trip, Saturday, TBD from 12 – 2 pm

Cost: 190€*

*includes 19% MwSt

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