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Image Transfer Collage

with Keegan Luttrell

Image transfers have a beautiful, ethereal quality and are extremely versatile in their application. Source images can be combinations of anything from photos, magazines and other collected materials to drawings or basically anything you can print from the internet. Explore the materials and methods used to make successful image transfers, combining collage, painting and drawing to create layered images. Learn several photo transfer techniques (including solvent, acrylic and transparency alcohol transfers) and how they work with different surface materials, such as paper, wood, canvas, etc. Seamlessly combine your source images into a painting or collage by knowing which image transfer technique is right for any composition.

As a class we will consider the process of image replication in relation to memory, through discussion and looking at the work of contemporary and historical artists. Participants will leave with the knowledge to continue experimenting with image transfers as well as a conceptual framework to explore artistic notions of memory.

Cost: 170€ (includes 19% VAT)

Materials: Materials specific to the photo-transfer techniques will be provided, as well as some general art supplies. Students will bring own source material and individual project material, to be discussed.