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Expressive Ink Portrait Workshop

Play with the hazards of ink to create inventive and personal portraits!

Artist-instructor: Adèle Salaün Meuriot

Format: In-Person
Location: Karina’s Studio (Erdmannstraße 13, 10827 Berlin) *Note: There is no restroom in the studio, but there is a cafe around the corner that is very friendly.

August 19 – 20, 2023  cancelled
Check our homepage for current workshop listings. 
– Saturday & Sunday
– 11:00-14:00

Cost:  120 euros 
(includes 19%VAT) 

          SUPPLY LIST: Supplies will be provided. If you have your own brushes we encourage you to bring them! You may also bring a photograph to work from (optional).


What to Expect:

Create expressive ink portraits during this two day workshop at Galerie Hell in Berlin. Learn step by step how to work with the spontaneous nature of ink. By embracing the way the ink flows and spreads in unpredictable ways, we will create powerful portraits.
We will first learn the basics of drawing a face and color it lightly with watercolor before moving onto ink.

In order to be able to work quickly once we add the ink, we will first study each part of the face, slowly, one after the other: the eyes, the nose, the mouth. We will discover how light and shadow build the volume of a face. The addition of ink comes last because it accentuates the individuality of the painted face: a gaze, a smile… Everything comes to life at once thanks to the power of the ink. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to paint your loved ones with ease, because it is above all about learning to observe the features of the face.


Why ink ?

 As in the works of Marlene Dumas, ink is a medium that instantly gives strong facial expressions. This material dries quickly and is very pigmented. It allows you to let your imagination run free because the stains always create unexpected shapes. It is therefore a medium that goes beyond our expectations, which is playful and yet requires concentration. We will play with the hazards of ink to create inventive and personal portraits!
It is necessary to be both precise and spontaneous, but the pleasure of the ink lies in the result which is always captivating because of the density of the pigment
According to Dumas, “painting has to show its method, how it becomes what it is; [it should] move back and forth from the ‘illusion’ to the ‘gesture.’” (MOMA)



Day 1: Learn how to sketch your portrait and how the face is build from light and shadow. Paint a black and white or single color portrait.
Day 2: Create a multi colored expressive ink portrait.
Adele will bring different photographs of faces so that you can choose yours as a reference for your portrait. It is not about copying line for line, but about having a sense of proportion. She will show you her techniques on her paper and move at the same pace as you.


Adèle Salaün Meuriot

Adele was born in Paris and graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon. Her artistic practice is based on the representation of light in painting, with a particular attraction for the work of chiaroscuro, and the representation of intimate scenes. She studied the work of light in Persian pictorial works in Iran during her fifth year of study. Her work is nourished by cinematographic references and depicts people around her. She moved to Berlin in September 2022 after two years of workshops with groups of students and several exhibitions in Paris and Lyon.