4 seats available

Intro Painting Workshop

Artist-instructor: Merav Leibküchler

Language: English

Location: Rungestraße 20, 10179 Mitte
(S-Bahn Jannowitzbrücke/ U-8 Heinrich Heine Strasse)

September 9 – October 14, 2024
– 6x Mondays
– 18:30 – 20:30

Cost: 220€
(incl. VAT)

Supply List: Acrylic paint is included. See “Materials” section below.

Workshop Description:

Learn how to craft a painting from start to finish. This workshop is an introduction to the expressive and versatile medium of painting with a focus on foundation techniques. Learn how to mix colors, arrange your pallet and plan your painting in order to lay down those first few strokes with confidence. The focus of this workshop will be painting from direct observation, using still lifes.

Build your painter’s vocabulary with the following skills:

    • Essential color theory.
    • Mix colors and organize a palette.
    • Plan a composition.
    • Introduction to layering and glazing.
    • Painting on a toned ground.
    • The difference between painting from life and painting from a photograph.
    • Tricks and tips for keeping a painting fresh, finishing touches and unifying elements.

By the end of this workshop you will have a solid foundation upon which to launch your own painting journey. Even if you are complete beginner! Practice painting from direct observation as well as how to use photographs and reproductions as inspiration. Finally, begin your exploration of individual style and personal expression. We will look at examples from both art history and contemporary art for technical and conceptual insights.


  • Provided: Acrylic paint and basic painting set up.
  • Bring: Sketchbook for taking notes, testing colors, diagraming compositions, etc… Pencil and eraser.
  • To be purchased by the studentEverything for the first class is provided and we will go over additional supplies in detail. Own set of brushes. Own mixed-media paper block or canvas boards (your choice). 
  • Recommended: Own set of acrylic paint so that you can practice at home.

Can I participate as a complete beginner?

Yes! This is a perfect introduction to painting for a complete beginner. You will learn foundation skills that can be applied to any future painting project.

Will I have a finished painting that I can hang on the wall?

Maybe yes, maybe no. This is not the type of painting workshop where everyone copies the teacher and ends up with the exact same painting. The focus here is on learning techniques and engaging in a painting process, not necessarily on the final result. We want you to leave this painting course with skills that can be applied to any creative endeavor, not just a single finished painting.


About Your Instructor:

Merav Leibküchler is a German-Israeli multidisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Berlin University of Arts – UdK and has a foundation in performing arts from her studies at the Matte Asher School for Performing Arts at Kibbutz Gaaton in Israel.

Leibkuechler’s artistic practice spans various mediums, including painting, drawing, installations, and live performances. Her diverse body of work has been showcased internationally in solo and group exhibitions at venues such as ‘New Era’ in London, ‘Salondergegenwart’ in Hamburg, Galeria ARTA GRACA in Lisbon, the Volksbühne Berlin, Villa Grisebach Berlin, and the Museum Fluxus Potsdam.

Throughout her career, Leibkuechler has received numerous awards and scholarships, including the PArt-Fond of the Spiegelberger Foundation, project funding DIS-TANZEN, President’s Prize of the Berlin University of the Arts, Helmut Thoma Foundation for Painting, as well as nominations for various art prizes such as the Heise Foundation and the Eb-Dietzsch.