Mixed Media Drawing

with Anita Kroo

Ink rollers, glue, scissors and paint: yes these tools can be used to create drawings! This workshop takes a process-based, hands-on approach to drawing; expanding its definition to anything that can be done to a piece of paper. Techniques such as collage, monoprint, frottage, as well as a mix of wet and dry mediums such as ink, charcoal and pastel, will be introduced through specific guided exercises during each class.

Special attention will be paid to the artistic movement Surrealism and its novel approach to image making which included free association, randomness and chance, and a fascination with the dream world. We will update this approach by looking at contemporary artists that have used  these tools for more personal ends, bringing notions of self-expression and subjectivity back into the picture.

We will take a field trip to visit contemporary art galleries.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with more experience, with plenty of time for personalized instruction.

Check back for future dates.

5 x Tuesday 6-9pm
1 x field-trip, Saturday April 4, 12-2pm

Cost: 180€
(includes 19% VAT)

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