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Monoprint Workshop

Artist-Instructor: Alma Sinai

Format: Alma’s Studio
12045 Berlin-Neukölln (near Weichselplatz, exact address given after registration is complete)

Language: English

Level: Beginners to more experienced.

Fall dates coming soon.

Cost: 120€ (inc. VAT)


  • The price includes all the essential materials: Printmaking ink, Baren(handpress), Brayer(ink-roller/handpress), brushes, paper, tape, scissors, grocery mesh-bag, leaves, thread, bubble wraps, aluminum foil and sponges.
  • You can bring your own additional objects to print from and surfaces to print on (options will be discussed during the first class) and a notebook.

What to Expect:

Learn the expressive process of mono-printing with Alma Sinai. Printing without a press makes this technique accessible to everyone and the results can be stunning. She will be sharing insights into her own printmaking practice (without a press) in her studio. Using monoprint expands your perception of the world around you, revealing endless possibilities for utilizing everyday life objects as tools for artistic expression and repurposing materials that might otherwise go unused.

Alma will demonstrate the mono-print technique through using printmaking ink to make impressions from found and everyday life objects such as onion/garlic mesh-bags from grocery stores, bubble wraps, aluminum foil, leaves, etc. Grasp the concept of printing without a press in a free and uninhibited way by starting off with this simple approach. Enhance your sense of pictorial balance and cohesive composition by creating multiple images during one sitting and getting into the flow of printing with a variety of textures and surfaces.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for all levels. You can engage in the process of printmaking even if you don’t have previous art making experience. For those with an existing art practice, mono-print can generate a fresh approach towards your drawings or paintings process through introducing new ways of creating layers and repetition.

Day 1: Learn Monoprint techniques

  • We will learn the history of the mono-printing, and discover how artists have used this process.
  • Materials, methods and technical aspects will be discussed along with the creative and experimental possibilities of this exciting process.
  • Learn the basics of mono-printing.

Day 2: Create your own Monoprint

  • Studio work day! 
  • Bring your own found/everyday life objects, it could be anything that you can make a trace and impression from, like grocery mesh-bags, leaves, bubble wraps, aluminum foil, flowers, sandpaper etc.
  • Build your own composition through using self-defined mediums for trace-making.
  • Experiment with printing on different surfaces.
  • Guidance on techniques and materials.
  • Through making a trace from a single object or combination of different ones, you can create a unique or editioned print, either identical or with a variety in color, tone and composition.

*If you are interested in spending more time with this technique and combine it with drawing or other printmaking techniques such as Linocut, you can check out the Printmaking Workshop.

About Your Instructor:

Alma Sinai was born (1989) and raised in Tehran. After receiving an associate degree in Cinema from University of Art in Tehran she moved to the USA in 2010. She pursued a BFA degree at RISD followed by an MFA at Parsons. In the past decade alongside being active as an interdisciplinary artist she has also been working as a teaching artist.

Sinai primarily works in printmaking, drawing, video and installation and she usually focuses on binaries such as absence & presence, indoor & outdoor, visible & invisible. Alongside the repetition is one of the common aspects throughout her projects. In the process of recurrence in the print-motifs, patterns and looped video narratives with no exit points, meanings get lost, added and distorted.

She has had solo and group exhibitions internationally in venues such as Dastan Gallery, 009821 Projects, International print center New York (IPCNY), Slaturhusid Culture Center, Site:Brooklyn, University of Edinburgh and Pratt institute. In the past years Sinai has attended residency fellowship programs including Vermont Studio Center and Lunga School in Iceland. She’s been based in Berlin since October 2021 after doing an artist residency program at GlogauAIR.