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Monotype Printmaking Workshop (online)

with Anita Kroo

Learn the expressive process of monotype printmaking with a simple set up you can do at home. Printing without a press makes the process of printmaking accessible to everyone and the results can be stunning. Artist Anita Kroo will be sharing insights into her own printmaking practice (without a press) in her studio.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for all levels. You can engage in the process of printmaking even if you don’t have previous art making experience. For those with an existing art practice, monoprinting can bring fresh inspiration to your drawings or paintings by introducing a layered, process-oriented approach.

Class 1: Introduction to Monotype Printmaking

Introduction to the method of monotype printmaking through a presentation of artists working with this medium. Materials, methods and technical aspects will be discussed along with the creative and experimental possibilites of this exciting process. During this 6 weeks course, you will learn the basics of monotype printmaking from creating simple line drawings to colorful and vibrant multi-layered mixed media prints.

Class 2: Trace Monoprinting

During the second class Anita will demonstrate the basics of monotype printmaking by introducing  trace monoprinting. We will start off using only a pencil and one color ink. Grasp the concept of printing without a press in a free and uninhibited way by starting off with this simple approach. Create multiple drawings during one sitting and get into the flow of printing with this monochrome technique.

Class 3: Multi-colored Printing

During the third class we will experiment with creating multi-layered prints using one, two, or three colors of ink. Drawing upon experiences of line drawing through the trace monoprinting process, you will learn how to add tone and color to your work.

Class 4: Mixed Media

As a continuation of the multi-layered printing making process, we will practice reworking prints with other mediums, such oil pastels and graphite. This will provide you with the opportunity to expand on your monotype printmaking process by adding more tone, color, and dynamic compositions to your pictorial surfaces.

Class 5: Textural Printing

Gain an insight into the heart and core of monotype printing by creating multi-colored prints with texture! These prints are not based on line drawing, but created through pressing the original painting surface. The only additional tool needed for this class is a glass jar for creating pressure and pressing on the painted surface. With this technique you can create thick colorful textures.

Class 6: Expanded Printing

During the last class we will explore methods to expand on our printing projects. Experiment with  adding a layer of collage to the works or creating multi-panel printing compositions. Start thinking about you prints in terms of multiple images and eventually a series.


Our Online Workshop Format:

  • Livestreaming classes take place via online video conference (using Zoom). The instructor conducts live demos with step-by-step instruction so that you can work together in real time. You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during class time.
  • We keep class sizes small and the atmosphere is interactive and supportive.
  • Finish exercises or practice at your own pace, at home, outside of class time.
  • Receive individual feedback on your completed work and exchange comments and questions with the instructor and your fellow workshop participants in an encouraging environment.
  • Find supplemental material and watch the progress of other participants by visiting the workshop Dropbox folder in between classes.
  • Recordings from each week’s livestreaming session are available in case you miss a class or want to review a demo.



Monotype Printmaking Workshop

November 10 – December 15, 2021
6 x Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm CET livestreaming
(6:30pm in Berlin, 12:30pm in New York, 9:30am in San Francisco, 5:30pm in London)
Online Workshop

Cost: 185€
(includes 19% VAT)