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“Personalized genre painting meets expression meets explosion!”

Painting Exploded Workshop

Unlock self expression while learning a more personalized approach to painting. Combine expanded traditional technique with playful exploration at the boundaries of using paint, ultimately learning how to see with paint. Discover how the many aspects of mark making and the interaction of color can be harnessed not only to describe your subject matter but as a form of expression.

The instructor will guide the class through topics such as drawing with paint, conveying mood and depth through color, and working with non-traditional lighting situations and color palettes. Classical painting techniques will be pushed and adapted to your own unique vision. The Abstract Expressionists all started out as representational painters, so how did they get there and how can we learn from the ideas and gestures of abstract expressionism as a starting point to create our own work?

6x on a Tuesday in the studio from 6-8 pm

Cost: 240 Euros* (including paint)
*includes 19% VAT