Painting in the Park

Format: In-person classes in various parks and monuments in Berlin

Artist-instructor: Manita Kaewsomnuk

Location: Various parks and monuments in Berlin. See list below

Dates: July 28, August 4, August 11, August 18, August 25, 2024
Time: Sundays, 12:00-14:00

Cost: 35€ per class (inc. VAT)

Workshop Bundle: 5x classes
157€ (inc. VAT)

Materials: View the SUPPLY LIST here.

Discover the quiet pleasure of sitting in the landscape and painting.

Have you always wanted to be able to keep a sketchbook while traveling? To preserve memories in a more personal way? Each class you will learn all the tools and tricks of the trade to find your own style and create your personal travel sketchbook.

Capture your impressions and experiences through drawing and watercolor.

We will share with you our favorite spots in Berlin and its variety of urban landscapes and parks and learn how to draw and paint the landscape of Berlin scenery with watercolor. Live step by step demos and individual tutoring take place during every step of the process there to help you find your own sketching style and voice. Depending on the location, you will learn tips and tricks on rendering landscape features such as water, architecture, plants and trees efficiently and expressively. 

Learn how to observe various subject and viewpoints in order to choose an approach that best suits its depiction. Discover ways to render space and light effects using watercolor and mixed-media drawing techniques.

The practice of keeping a travel journal was once a necessity for artists to record their observations, before we all walked around with a high res camera on our smartphones. Sketching in-situ, however, can record an experience in time and space in a way that photography cannot. By focusing on the process itself, we are creating memories and personal expression.

Class 1 (Jul 28): Charlottenberg Palace

Spandauer Damm 10-22 · 14059 Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin is a baroque palace with stunning gardens and intricate architecture. Its picturesque surroundings, including the palace gardens with beautiful water features, and architecture provides a perfect setting for watercolor painting and sketching.

Class 2 (Aug 4): Neptune Fountain in Mitte

Rathausstraße 1 · 10178 Berlin

Neptune Fountain was built in 1891 and was designed by Reinhold Begas. The Roman god Neptune is in the center. The four women around him represent the four main rivers of Prussia at the time the fountain was constructed: the Elbe, Rhine, Vistula, and Oder.

Class 3 (Aug 11): Park am Gleisdreick

Möckernstraße 26 · 10963 Berlin

Park am Gleisdreick in Berlin is a sprawling urban park built on former railway grounds, featuring diverse landscapes. Its blend of nature and urban elements, including old railway tracks, modern architecture, and green spaces, will provide for us a rich tapestry of subjects for watercolor painting.

Class 4 (Aug 18): Volkspark Friedrichshain (Märchenbrunnen)

Am Friedrichshain · 10249 Berlin

A large urban park on the border of the Berlin neighborhoods of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. This is the oldest public park in Berlin, and we will have no lack of subjects here!

Class 5 (Aug 25): Volkspark Humboldthain

Brunnenstraße · 13357 Berlin

Surrounded by towering trees and colorful wildflowers, it’s the perfect spot to lose yourself in nature and practice watercolor techniques. We will focus on learning how to paint trees, and flowers with watercolor.


Each session will take place in a different park or urban landscape in Berlin. The Romantic (think Romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich, not hearts and roses) combination of architecture and landscape, trees and ruins, paths and angels is enough to delight the sensibilities of poets and painters alike. The quiet and contemplative atmosphere lends itself to a mindfulness practice of observation while painting. And did we mention.. shade!

About Your Instructor:

Manita Kaewsomnuk is a Thai visual artist currently based in Berlin. Having been born and raised in a family of artist, drawing and painting naturally became her main passion. She earned her M.A. from Thammasart University, Bangkok and her B.A. from Silpakorn University, Thailand, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. In her practice she focuses on the female figure as a primary subject in order to reflect various aspects of the human experience. The human body is key to her investigation of humanity, while cultural contexts provide another important source of motivation. She also incorporates symbolic objects in her work. Painting and drawing are generally her preferred mediums, also she is increasingly experimenting with diverse methods, such as sculpture, paper collage, printmaking and photography.

Manita’s artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Thailand and Germany  since 2018.