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Painting with Pastels

with G Caruso

Pastels are the dry media capable of producing images as chromatically complex as traditional oil painting. Pastels can produce blended and realistic effects as well as dynamic and vibrant expressive strokes. 

In this workshop we’ll explore different pastel painting techniques and observe how each one can be applied to a variety of subjects or expressive goals. We will look to art historical examples of pastel works and analyze how the artists achieved specific results.

Pastel painting is an approachable medium, even for beginners. The direct application, without mixing or use of a brush, facilitates the learning of basic color theory and composition so that you can start experimenting right away.

November 7 – December 5, 2019

5x Thursday in the studio from 6-9 pm
1 x Field trip: Saturday, Nov. 23, 2-4pm

Cost: 190 Euros
includes 19% VAT