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Paper-Making Workshop

with Loren Britton

Get your hands wet in paper pulp while exploring the process of papermaking! This workshop takes a fresh look at the everyday material of paper, using an approach that is tactile, colorful and playful. Take your paper scraps and transform them into a new ‘drawing’, ‘painting’ or hybrid sculpture.

Pulling from histories of collective making we will explore the materiality of paper together. Learning from artist, Loren Britton, who uses this process in their own work, we will process, pulp, practice, and produce pulp works that embed bits of our own and collective history into a new object.

Cost: 105€*
*includes 19% VAT

Community Price: Sign up with a friend and you each pay 85€ (20% discount!)
Materials included: Participants will be encouraged but not required to bring their own paper pulp materials for conceptual reasons.