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Portrait Painting Workshop

with G Caruso

The genre of portraiture is as timeless as painting itself. The portrayal of the human face creates a deep psychological connection between the artist, the painting and the viewer. This intensity will be explored through two very different methods, including a more expressionistic “alla prima” self-portrait and a posed portrait in the traditional layering technique of “chiaroscuro tonale”.

While the self-portrait will be painted in one sitting, the technique of “chiaroscuro tonale” will develop over several sessions. Starting with a tonal monochrome base of acrylic and continuing with glazes using water-based oil paints, we will focus on giving depth to shadows and volume to the subject. Special attention will also be paid to lighting the model. Throughout the workshop there will be live-demos, showing how to render specific details and effects such as eyes, nose, lips, and hair texture. The subtlety and richness of this layering technique is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in figurative painting, whether just getting started or already more experienced.

April 22 – May 27 Postponed until in-person classes are possible again. 

6x Wednesday in the studio from 6-9 pm

Cost: 208 Euros
(includes 19% VAT)
Includes oil paint, mediums, and one canvas board.