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Printmaking Workshop

(Mixed Media: Monoprint + Linocut + Collage + Drawing)

Artist-instructor: Alma Sinai

Format: In-Person
Location: In-person at Alma’s Studio (Erdmannstraße 13, 10827 Berlin) *Note: There is no restroom in the studio but very friendly cafe’s around the corner.

Language: English

April 11 – May 23, 2024
–6x Thursdays (Skips May 9, 2024)
– 18:30 – 20:30

Cost: 220 Euros
(includes 19%VAT)


  • The essential Printmaking materials will be provided during the first session but the participants can bring their own materials throughout the 6 sessions of the workshop. Check the recommended Material’s section below, and we will also discuss them in detail during the first session.

What to Expect:

Combine experimental processes with Printmaking(Linocut & Monoprint) and Drawing for a unique Mixed Media approach. Create imagery by merging traditional and unconventional techniques, with artist Alma Sinai guiding you step by step in this process.

Alma will share techniques and concepts that she uses in her own studio practice, opening the door to your own personal exploration. Themes Alma will discuss are Monoprint, Linocut Printmaking and how to create a collaged imagery with those two techniques and in combination with your drawings . Learn a variety of techniques for leaving impressions and traces on paper and build your unique compositions through combining these methods. This approach not only brings you the joy of handling different materials and objects but also deepens your understanding of how they interact and complement each other.

Mediums and topics covered during these hybrid workshop:

  • Mono-printing with found objects such as grocery mesh-bags, leaves, bubble wraps, aluminum foil, flowers, sandpaper etc. In this process we can also focus on repurposing materials that might otherwise go unused.
  • Linocut Printmaking: creating imagery through experimenting with negative and positive space
  • Drawing: pencil, pen, graphite, ink, etc…
  • Collage elements – found material, magazines/newspapers or own drawings
  • Composition – creating balance with contrasting materials

The workshop suits all levels from beginners to people with more experience.

Taking precedence from Art History:

We will discuss works of artist who focused on printmaking and mixed media as their primary visual expression. We will embrace this approach by looking at artists that use these tools for more personal ends, bringing notions of self-expression and subjectivity into the picture.

This workshop is a great fit for those who’d like to explore their own creative approach and self expression methods. It is open to complete beginners as well as those with more experience, with time for personalized instruction.


Provided: Essential materials for the first sessions of: Monoprint, Linocut, Collage and Drawing.


You can bring your own pencils (suggested: 4B or 6B), charcoal and kneadable eraser, or ink, brushes, and glue.

Paper: (suggested sizes: A3, A4 or A5) Mixed Media papers, Sketchbook,or  Universalpapier.

Printmaking ink: Speedball Linocut/Relief ink.

Collect and bring everyday life or found objects such as dried fruit, mesh-bag, bubble-wrap, sponge, cardboard, aluminum foil, toys, fabric, leaves, sand paper, magazines, newspapers, etc.


About Your Instructor:

Alma Sinai was born (1989) and raised in Tehran. After receiving an associate degree in Cinema from University of Art in Tehran she moved to the USA in 2010. She pursued a BFA degree at RISD followed by an MFA at Parsons. In the past decade alongside being active as an interdisciplinary artist she has also been working as a teaching artist.

Sinai primarily works in printmaking, drawing, video and installation and she usually focuses on binaries such as absence & presence, indoor & outdoor, visible & invisible. Alongside the repetition is one of the common aspects throughout her projects. In the process of recurrence in the print-motifs, patterns and looped video narratives with no exit points, meanings get lost, added and distorted.

She has had solo and group exhibitions internationally in venues such as Dastan Gallery, 009821 Projects, International print center New York (IPCNY), Slaturhusid Culture Center, Site:Brooklyn, University of Edinburgh and Pratt institute. In the past years Sinai has attended residency fellowship programs including Vermont Studio Center and Lunga School in Iceland. She’s been based in Berlin since October 2021 after doing an artist residency program at GlogauAIR.