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Sketchbook Practice: Pencil Drawing

Artist-instructor: G Caruso

Format: Online Live Workshop (livestreaming with class recordings and instructor feedback).

January 31 – March 21, 2022
– 8x Mondays
– 6-8pm CET Online
(6pm in Berlin, 12pm in New York, 9am in San Francisco, 5pm in London)

Cost: 230 Euros
(includes 19%VAT)

Supply List: sketchbook with drawing/mixed media paper, 3B and 7B graphite pencils or any other number combination between 3B and 9B, kneaded eraser.


What to Expect:

Learn foundation drawing techniques using pencils and a sketchbook. The process of drawing starts with a line, the act of mark making, and builds from there. The practice of drawing starts with a sketchbook, a judgement free place for practice and experimentation. The experience of drawing starts with observation, engaging in a new way of seeing.

We have all used pencils, but do you really know what a pencil is capable of? It turns out, this most mundane of tools can be versatile and expressive. Below are just some of the skills that will be covered during this workshop.

Pencil Drawing Skills:

    • Use pencils for daily observational sketches at home or on location.
    • Develop a flowing line using gesture and other drawing exercises.
    • Study line drawings from old masters and modern artists to explore the potential of the medium.
    • Express volume merely through the use of contour line.
    • Render shadows through basic shading and crosshatching techniques.
    • Escape graphic representation and connect to your subject.
    • Enjoy the tactile experience of pencil studies!

Sketchbook Practice Workshops Series:

This workshop is part of the year-round workshop series Sketchbook Practice. See scheduled modules for the entire year HERE. Join at the start of any module! Continuing students receive a 10% discount on consecutive modules.

Coupon Code: sketchbook22
Expires: 1 week before the start of the workshop

The coupon code will only be valid for continuing students who are signing up for consecutive modules.

Our Online Workshop Format:

    • Livestreaming classes take place via online video conference (using Zoom). The instructor conducts live demos with step-by-step instruction so that you can work together in real time. You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during class time.
    • We keep class sizes small and the atmosphere is interactive and supportive.
    • Finish exercises or practice at your own pace, at home, outside of class time.
    • Receive individual feedback on your completed work and exchange comments and questions with the instructor and your fellow workshop participants in an encouraging environment.
    • Find supplemental material and watch the progress of other participants by visiting the workshop Dropbox folder in between classes.
    • Recordings from each week’s livestreaming session are available in case you miss a class or want to review a demo.